Drew Pallet Company

The Power of

With over 30 years in the business, we know a lot about pallets. From large enterprises to small local businesses, every day we see firsthand that getting the pallets you need when you need them saves you money, time and maybe even a headache. Whatever industry you’re in, from pharmaceuticals to chemicals; plastics to cables; fish to frozen food, your pallet needs are different. Your products can’t be warehoused, forklifted, transported, shipped, stored and sometimes even displayed without them. As passionate as you are about your product is how passionate we are about pallets. Pallets move the world. And we take pallets seriously.

Supporting Northeast

Drew Pallet produces high-quality wood pallets, skids and crates for just in time deliveries anywhere in the Northeast. We also offer new and used plastic pallets, heat-treated pallets and a variety of products and services to handle all your needs. Our manufacturing facilities cover New England, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York and New Jersey. We also have the ability to ship nationally.

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